Bosco Bags

Humankind is insane, our world has gone mad.

While we negotiate our way through the age of anxiety, put some large shades on, store the SSRI’s and sun cream in these convenient zip up linen bags – individually embroidered with phrases and emojis from the gallows tree.!

When we were in India in January, practicing yoga and meditation for 6 hrs a day, at the Kripa Foundation rehabilitation centre in Anjuna, we designed some simple linen bags for the beach and the bathroom, embroidered with words and emojis making fun of ourselves, we are typical glass half empty, restless, irritable, and discontented types – While trying to meditate we were more acutely aware that we are typical of our culture, manic, acquisitive overprescribed , unable to sit still, addicted to the Compare and Despair syndrome, and suffering from Faith Deficit.. oh and nothing is ever enough.

The bags are handmade from 100% linen outer with a 100% cotton lining (no nasty synthetic materials involved). They come in small, medium & large, so you can choose the perfect size for you. Colours are Pale Grey and Slate Grey.

This is our first range –

  • It’s my meds
  • cream up (and get out there)
  • total mess
  • higher power
  • stars and sun and moon
  • overhead baggage

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Our baby range is in production, a glorified nappy bags in delicious baby pink and blue , and a bag for dog walkers who have nothing nice to cram their plastic poo bags in…and many others

10% of all proceeds from the sale of the bags will go the Kripa Foundation, India –