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Bosco Bags was founded in a communal headstand, during an Intensive Yoga week in January 2016, with Father Joe Perreira, in the Kripa Foundation rehabilitation centre in Goa. We were being taught to breathe correctly, for some of us, for the first time in our lives. We were also trying NOT to think, a perverse state to find ourselves in.

Amanda and I, struggling to calm down our over-caffeinated thought patterns, were acutely aware that we are chronic over-thinkers, find it hard to sit, to breathe properly, and almost impossible to stop replaying that tape in our heads which says our lives will be better WHEN….

We wanted to express this state of ‘worried well’ in messages, to others who share our uncomfortable condition, via a beautifully made and original product – linen bags in beautiful colours with phrases, and the very topical, emoji fest, embroidered on them.

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